At Mornington we are focusing on the key question "What food should we grow on the farm?"
The children have begun researching what foods they would like to grow and are finding out whether or not they will be suitable for the farm. We have done some critical thinking using tools such as concept maps and consequence maps. 
The children have now decided, from their research which foods will be suitable.
We are now looking at where and how they will grow them on the farm.

We have been using our Chromebooks to research our foods. We have a Google Classroom set up to record all of our findings along the way.

Cait has decided she wants to grow peas in a pod.

We have worked on some consequence mapping about growing food on the farm.


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  2. Hi Mornington School. Thanks for doing such great research on your growing food question. I like the consequence wheel and the ideas that have come out for you as you inquired further. Do you have ideas for dealing with the waste from the garden? I hope the new seedlings grow well for you! Dr McMillan

  3. Renee Balaclava School,hi i saw on the internet that worms love cool and frosty weather.

  4. Hi Renee. I also found out that worms don't like acidic soils very much. I think it hurts their sensitive skins. Dr. McMillan

  5. Jordan Balaclava we are doing composting in our class we could give you some compost for your garden.

  6. Alexa Balaclava. Hi Mornington I have a idea. You could harvest the food and make school lunches.

  7. Hi Mornington School. Have you had a chance to plant the seedlings yet? Dr McMillan

  8. Be careful where you get your information from about what to plant and when. Look for a book/ site that is specific to Otago because so many books are focussed on the Auckland climate. I would almost recommend finding a local gardener who has knowledge of what has the best success in our cooler (freezing sometimes) climate.
    Let us know when you start planting. It will be so exciting to see a photo of seedlings popping up above the soil!
    Spring next month!!

  9. Hi Mornington

    I have just started planting seeds for early summer harvest and was wondering if you have started to sprout anything yet.
    I have been excited by the New Worlds mini garden promotion, it was amazing watching the coconut fibre expand. We are now experimenting at home to see if we can germinate the seeds faster by making small glasshouses for them using old plastic bottles.
    What discoveries have you made.

    Looking forward to seeing which veges you choose to plant.

    Mrs Eley

  10. Hello Ms Murdoch and the Mornington School students. How are things going for you? Did you end up planting your own garden at school? Did any of the plants grow in the end? November is coming up and we thought this would be a good time for you to apply what you learnt at the farm site. I think we still have some raised vegetable planting beds if you want to use them. Let me know how you go. All the best. Dr. McMillan