Thursday, 26 May 2016

Collaboration is Key

Hi Everyone! This is our sharing ideas blog that links us all together as part of the Urban Concept Farm Project. Most of you have decided on your inquiry questions and we want know what you have been doing?

Other students will comment on the each other's blogs. A critical thinking skill is considering other people's points of view and being connected together. We hope this blog will help us achieve those things.

So how do you comment? Check out the 5 step rule in the picture above: Greet me, Praise me, Comment, Question me and then sign off with your FIRST NAME ONLY and your school.

CAREFUL WITH YOUR COMMENTS! A good guide to commenting is when you write, ask yourself: do I think the principal or teachers at my school would be happy with what I have said? Other questions you should ask are: Are my comments fair and reasonable? Would my comments hurt someone's feelings.

Here are some examples of our collaboration session after the presentations on June 16th. Well done to everyone: great discussions and sharing of knowledge and ideas.

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