We want to explore bees


  1. Room 1 has been exploring a range of ideas relating to the farm. The most popular topics for exploration after visiting and spending time on different activities and talking to experts at the activities day, were planting and bees. After plenty of discussion and brainstorming, room 1 decided that the topic they most wanted to explore was bees. This has led to some inquiry work with a range of questions being asked.

  2. Hi Room 1 students! Bees are certainly really interesting and I am sure we could set up hives on the farm. We have talked together about maybe some members of your class building some beehives with some of our Year 13 students. What do you think? Have you thought about how the bees might be helped by say growing special companion plants around them they like? Keep up the fine work. See what the other schools and classes are doing. Can you help them with any suggestions? DO you need any help? Dr McMillan

  3. Jordan Bva great idea but where would you put the hives and what about the children they mite get.

    1. Imogen & Maia (Kaikorai) Thank you for commenting on our class blog, we don't really know where we will put the hives but we do know your other question. We are going to let the people who are allergic to bee stings (just a few people in our class) build the hive instead of really working with them.

  4. As part of our inquiry, we have been working in groups to think about some key words to focus our questions. We used a fishbone template in groups, and thought of questions that fit with our keywords.

    Different groups came up with different keywords including:
    * armour
    * flowers
    * honey
    * hive bees
    * predators
    * equipment
    * housing
    * food
    * clothes
    * products
    * location
    * care and needs

    These key words then led to questions such as:
    * What types of lowers should we have on the farm?
    * How many flowers do we need to make the bees happy?
    * How many types of bees are there?
    * How many bees does it take to fill the hive?
    * Where will the honey be extracted?
    * How much do bees cost?
    * How do the bees know that it is their hive?
    * Will the bees be safe in their hive?

  5. Hi Kaikorai Room 1 :) Great to see you at the presentations today and then to get you to visit Bella, Nadia and Ashley from the Year 13 KaikaBee Company. I know they were a bit nervous at the start but they really enjoyed talking to you. They are also keen to teach you about, and getting you to make up some, beehives. Maybe see you soon. Dr McMillan

  6. Alexa Balaclava. Have you considered getting stung?

    1. Imogen and Maia (Kaikorai) we have been talking about this and we said that the people that are allergic to bees they will be helping to build the hives and so they won't get stung we will buy the equipment that we will need to keep us safe :-)

  7. Hi Alexa
    This is a very good question. Did you know that when bees sting you they inject a chemical mix of fluid that is acidic and when wasps sting use they inject a basic type. What should you do if you are allergic to the stings? Does anyone know? Dr McMillan

  8. Hi Mornington, We have had bees in our school for over a year now with no-one getting stung from them, as long as you dont go over and annoy them, you dont notice them much. You just have to watch out for vandals coming along and disturbing them, from Carly and Skyla-Jade

  9. Hi Room 1 Kaikorai

    I have been hearing about your visit to KVC to build the beehives. All very exciting.
    I have been wondering about which position we should put the hive on the Urban Concept Farm?
    Someone mentioned to me that we should put the beehive in a spot that is nowhere near our pathways around the farm so that the bees don't get upset entering and leaving the hive. Do we need to think about wind direction as well?
    I was also thinking about organising planting some companion plants to feed the bees and keep them happy. Did you have any plans about flowers to feed the bees?

    What are your next steps?
    Mrs Eley

  10. Hello to Kaikorai students from America! I am still living at a place called Bloomington in Indiana. This is a place with alot of farms. Mostly here they grow corn. There are fields and fields and fields of it! I was talking to some people here at their local farmer market and bought some honey from them. It got me thinking about your projects and how it was going? I know some of you visited the Kaikorai Valley College students to help build the beehives. How did it go? Have you arranged a time to place them on the farm site yet. It will be really interesting to see how interested the bees are in setting up their new home. Go for it! Dr. McMillan